Advanced Potion-Making
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Libatius Borage


Around 1946 or earlier [1]


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Hogwarts N.E.W.T. Textbook

"Indeed, from antiquity until well into the Modern Ages, a physics devoid of metaphysical insight would have been as unsatisfying as a metaphysical devoid of physical manifestation."
—An excerpt from "Different Methods of Potion Preparation", a chapter in the book.[src]

Advanced Potion-Making is a book written by Libatius Borage. At Hogwarts, the book is used for N.E.W.T.-level Potions studies.[2] A copy of Advanced Potion-Making costs nine Galleons from Flourish and Blotts.[3]

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The book contains many potions, but only a few were mentioned.

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  • Different Methods of Potion Preparation
  • The Right Use of the Ingredients

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