Antidote to Common Poisons
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Counteracts the effects of common poisons



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The Antidote to Common Poisons (or Antidote for Common Poisons) is a potion which counteracts ordinary poisons, such as creature bites and stings.[1] Its ingredients include Bezoars, Standard Ingredient, ground unicorn horn and mistletoe berries. The recipe for this potion can be found in Magical Drafts and Potions.[2]

Brewing instructionsEdit

  1. Add 1 Bezoar to the mortar
  2. Crush into a very fine powder using the pestle
  3. Add 4 measures of the crushed Bezoar to your cauldron
  4. Add 2 measures of Standard Ingredient to your cauldron
  5. Heat to a medium temperature for 5 seconds
  6. Wave your wand
  7. Leave to brew and return in 40 minutes with Pewter Cauldron, 34 minutes with Brass cauldron and 30 minutes with copper cauldron.
  8. Add 1 pinch of Unicorn Horns to your cauldron
  9. Stir 2 times, clockwise
  10. Add 2 Mistletoe Berries to your cauldron
  11. Stir 2 times, anti-clockwise
  12. Wave your wand to complete the potion

The Half-Blood Prince used a slightly different potion formula, that included Honeywater, mint sprigs, stewed Mandrake, and essence of Lavender.[3]

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