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"They were standing at one end of a very long and splendid hall with a highly polished, dark wood floor. The peacock-blue ceiling was inlaid with gleaming golden sybols that were continually moving and changing like some enormous heavenly notice board. The walls on each side were paneled in shiny dark wood and had many gilded fireplaces set into them. Every few seconds a witch or wizard would emerge from one of the left-hand fireplaces with a soft whoosh; on the right-hand side, short queues of wizards were forming before each fireplace, waiting to depart."
—Description of the Atrium of the Ministry[src]

The Atrium is a reception area that serves to welcome visitors to the Ministry of Magic. It is located on the eighth level of the Ministry Headquarters in London.


The ceiling was peacock blue with golden symbols moving over it; the floor, polished dark wood. Halfway into the Atrium was the Fountain of Magical Brethren. The fountain featured golden statues of a wizard, a witch, a centaur, a goblin, and a house-elf, all which spouted water from various locales into the pool of water below, and each of the last three of which is shown in some manner basking in the genrosity, wisdom and apparent superiority of wizardkind.

To enter the lifts allowing access to the rest of the Ministry (tenth floor excepted), visitors passed through a set of golden gates, beside which was a security stand. The guard at the stand registered visitors' wands. When Harry Potter first visited the Ministry, the watch-wizard stationed there was Eric Munch.

During Fudge's reignEdit

"When we get to see the Ministry for the first time, there are various political elements that suggest the world of Big Brother."
— Producer David Barron.[src]
During Fudge's time in office, the Atrium's layout did not change 'till the later part of his last year in office, when he was using all his power and influence to discredit Dumbledore and Harry. During this time, the Atrium reflected his growing control over the government . To reinforce his position as Minister, Fudge had a large magical portrait banner of himself hanging in the Atrium. The banner depicted him as a strong and steadfast leader. Subliminally, it represented that Fudge's presence was felt everywhere in the Ministry and as a warning against those who might challenge his, and by extension the Ministry's, position that You-Know-Who had not truly returned..

On the 18th June, 1996, the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, fought between five members of the Order of the Phoenix and a group of Death Eaters, culminated in a duel between Albus Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort. The two master wizards cast at each other spells of such a powerful and destructive calibre, that many parts of the Atrium, including the banner of Fudge, were destroyed.

During Voldemort's reignEdit

"The great Atrium seemed darker than Harry remembered it. Previously a golden fountain had filled the centre of the hall, casting shimmering spots of light over the polished wooden floor and walls. Now a gigantic statue of black stone dominated the scene. It was rather frightening, this vast sculpture of a witch and wizard sitting on ornately carved thrones, looking down at the Ministry workers toppling out of fireplaces below them. Engraved in foot-high letters at the base of the statue were the words MAGIC IS MIGHT."
—The Atrium under Voldemort[src]

The layout of the Atrium during Voldemort's reign was still generally the same, except that it was somewhat darker than before and instead of the Fountain of Magical Brethren, there was a black stone statue of a witch and wizard sitting on thrones, which was made from the bodies of contorted Muggle men, women, and children, all with stupid-looking faces. The inscription on this statue read "Magic is Might", signifying wizarding dominance over non-magical people.

Methods of entryEdit

Before the Death Eaters' reign, visitors to the Ministry could choose to use the external entrance (an unused telephone booth), or might arrive via the Floo Network, utilising a series of gilded fireplaces lining the left-hand side of the long hallway leading into the Atrium proper. Visitors departed through a series of fireplaces lining the right-hand side of the hall.

During the reign of Voldemort and the Death Eaters, however, only senior employees, such as Dolores Umbridge as Head of the Muggle-Born Registration Commission, were allowed to use the Floo Network from their homes straight to the Ministry. All other employees used coins which activated doorways into bathroom stalls. While standing inside the toilet, one would pull the lever and be shot down a chute into the Ministry.

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