Avifors Spell




Hand Movement

Sideways figure eight




Transforms small objects into birds

"However, mastering a transfiguration spell such as "Avifors" can be both rewarding and useful."
The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 2 on the Avifors Spell[src]

The Avifors Spell (Avifors) is a transformation spell which changes small objects or beasts into birds or flocks of birds in a burst of electric blue light.

This charm is learned in the First and revised in the Second-Year Transfiguration Class (or so, it is by Professor Minerva McGonagall).

Avifors should not be confused with the Bird-Conjuring Charm, whose incantation is a base in the etymology of this transfigurative charm.

When used offensively, as in dueling, a jet of blue light will shoot from the caster's wand and hit the target, which will erupt into a burst of electric-blue light and a flock of black bats, which promptly will fly away.



From Latin avis meaning bird, and "fors" (a suffix often used in transfiguration spells) is Latin for "chance, luck, fortune".


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