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"A healthy mind is an inquisitive mind."
—Basil Fronsac's portrait[src]

Professor Basil Fronsac was a wizard. A scholar and a supporter of Ravenclaw, he was appointed as Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry sometime before Armando Dippet. There is a portrait of him hung in the Headmaster's office in order to give advice to the current Head,[2] and several others of a younger him on the Castle's main halls.


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Early lifeEdit

Basil Fronsac attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in his youth and was Sorted into Ravenclaw.[3] In his elderly years, Professor Fronsac was appointed Headmaster of Hogwarts.[2]

1993–1994 school yearEdit

In 1993, Professor Fronsac had several portraits hung at Hogwarts Castle; quite a few of them at the Grand Staircase.[4]

1995–1996 school yearEdit

By 1995, his portrait was hung at the Grand Staircase. The portrait guarded a shortcut leading to the second-floor corridor, near the Library. He held a pocket watch and his password was "Studious Success". He would be happy to help any "inquisitive minds" that could find out where Rowena Ravenclaw came from.[3]

1996–1997 school yearEdit

In the next school year the portrait was moved to the Dungeons. He still guarded a secret passage, this time leading to the Grand Staircase. His password became "Libraries Liberate".[5]

Behind the scenesEdit


The name "Basil" is from the Greek name Βασιλειος (Basileios) which was derived from βασιλευς (basileus) meaning "king". Saint Basil the Great was a 4th-century bishop of Caesarea and one of the fathers of the early Christian church. It was also borne by two Byzantine emperors.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. The clothing worn by Basil on his portrait reveals that he was portrayed during the 1910s. By the 1910s he was already a middle-aged wizard, as evidenced by his sparse, white hair.
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