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"Most of the class had already left, although several twittering yellow birds were still zooming around the room, all of Hermione's creation; nobody else had succeeded in conjuring so much as a feather from thin air."
—Harry looking to talk to Dean[src]

The Bird-Conjuring Charm[1] (Avis) is a spell that conjures a flock of birds. This charm is an advanced form of Transfiguration, taught at N.E.W.T.-level at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The birds are shot from the caster's wand tip, accompanied by a loud blast that sounds like a gun being fired and smoke.


"Severed heads, unidentifiable stumps, terrifying frog-rabbit mutations — all have been created, to the dismay of those who made them [...]'"
—On the side-effects of the spell.[src]
This spell was used by Garrick Ollivander when testing the four Triwizard Tournament Champions' wands before their First Task of the Triwizard Tournament, in 1994.

This is also possibly the spell that the Sixth year Charms students were learning to perform non-verbally in 1996. Hermione Granger also conjured a flock of birds that same year, most likely using this spell, and made them attack Ron Weasley, after seeing him kiss Lavender Brown.[2]

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  • This charm may be capable of blocking the Killing Curse; if the curse hit the birds before the caster, it is possible that this would negate the curse. Since conjured creatures differ from real animals, this is not conclusive. If it is true, then such spells as the Snake Summons Spell might also prove effective. Nonetheless, no canon evidence has been given in favour or denial of this theory.


The Latin words avis or aves, meaning "bird".


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