Broom Regulatory Control
Organisation information

Level 6, Ministry of Magic, London


Authorises and regulates Broom usage

"Level Six, Department of Magical Transportation, incorporating the Floo Network Authority, Broom Regulatory Control, Portkey Office and Apparition Test Centre."
Voice of lift at the Ministry of Magic.[src]

The Broom Regulatory Control is part of the Department of Magical Transportation in the Ministry of Magic. This particular branch is in charge of managing the usage and maintenance of magic Brooms and is located on the sixth level of the Ministry of Magic Headquarters.[1]

There has never been any mention of licencing requirements in order to use broomsticks, even racing brooms like Harry Potter's Firebolt. The Broom Regulatory Control may be responsible for regulating the manufacturers of magical broomsticks, rather than policing their users.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - Chapter 7 (The Ministry of Magic)

Department of Magical Transportation
Level 6, Ministry of Magic
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