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Chaser is a position in the wizarding sport of Quidditch. There are three Chasers per team. The Chasers control the Quaffle and attempt to get it through the goal hoops past the Keeper. Each goal is worth ten points. This makes them similar to the forwards in football, as the game is generally started with the Referee releasing the Quaffle into the air for the Chasers to try and claim possession of. As such, Chasers are generally considered the most exhilarating to watch by spectators during a Quidditch game, at least until the Golden Snitch has been spotted. Chasers are typically swift and agile flyers (second only to the Seeker), making females ideal for the position.

History of the Chaser

The Chaser is the oldest position in the game of Quidditch, as the purpose of the game once consisted solely of scoring goals. They were formerly known as Catchers in the early days of the game. The one major change to the role of the Chaser was in 1884, when the rules were changed that allowed only one Chaser into the scoring area while trying to score a goal. This was done in an effort to stop Stooging during a game.

Known Chasers

Team Name
American National Quidditch team Debbie Muntz
Gianni Fedele
Robert Green
Australian National Quidditch team Kenneth Hastings
Maria Monteith
Matthew Echunga
Bulgarian National Quidditch team Alexei Levski
Clara Ivanova
Vasily Dimitrov
Chudley Cannons Dragomir Gorgovitch
English National Quidditch team Avery Hawksworth
Edric Vosper
Keaton Flitney
French National Quidditch team Hildegarde Lafarge
Josephine Marat
Mathilde Mallard
German National Quidditch team Igor Brand
Kursten Blijk
Kurt Todt
Gryffindor Quidditch team Alicia Spinnet
Angelina Johnson
Dean Thomas
Demelza Robins
Ginny Weasley
James Potter
Katie Bell
Holyhead Harpies Ginny Weasley
Wilda Griffiths
Hufflepuff Quidditch team Cadwallader
Heidi Macavoy
Malcolm Preece
Zacharias Smith
Tamsin Applebee
Irish National Quidditch team Moran
Japanese National Quidditch team Noriyuki Sato
Ryotaro Tanaka
Yoshihiro Suzuki
Montrose Magpies Alasdair Maddock
Fabius Watkins
Nordic National Quidditch team Lorre Gustafson
Olaf Andersen
Peter Hansen
Poland Ladislaw Zamojski
Pride of Portree Catriona McCormack
Puddlemere United Wilda Griffiths
Ravenclaw Quidditch team Bradley
Jeremy Stretton
Randolph Burrow
Roger Davies
Scottish National Quidditch team Catriona McCormack
Slytherin Quidditch team Adrian Pucey
Cassius Warrington
Graham Montague
Marcus Flint
Spanish National Quidditch team Ana de Lebron
Carmen Garcia
Chavelle Cartaya
Undetermined Hogwarts team Eekins

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