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Bright orange with their logo: two black Cs and a speeding cannonball

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"...death is coming for me as surely as the Chudley Cannons will finish bottom of this year's league."
Albus Dumbledore, commenting on the certainty of his imminent death[src]

The Chudley Cannons are a British Quidditch team that played in the British and Irish Quidditch League. They wore bright orange robes, and their logo included two black Cs and a speeding cannonball. They have won the League Cup twenty-one times, the last time in 1892; many consider their glory days to be over. There is a Chudley Cannons Fan Club.


The club motto was "We shall conquer" until 1972, when it was changed to "Let's all just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best".



Chudley Cannons is founded.[1]


The Chudley Cannons won the League for the last time.


The Cannons won the Josef Wronski Award for Excellent Pitch Skills.


The team changed their official motto.


In August the Cannons were ninth in the League.[5]


File:Chudley Cannons.jpg

The Appleby Arrows defeated the Chudley Cannons in the summer, aided by a pathetic performance by Cannon's Seeker Galvin Gudgeon.

The Cannons were at the bottom of the table on 31 July.[2]


The Chudley Cannons broke a sixteen-game losing streak by drawing with the Caerphilly Catapults.

File:Chudley Cannons logo.jpg

On 8 February they languished bottom of the League with 230 points.

The Cannons narrowly defeated Wigtown Wanderers in Bodmin Moor.

On 1 June the Falmouth Falcons were the team at the bottom of the League. The Cannons then defeated the Falcons in Exmoor, keeping the Falcons in bottom place. The shock of the victory caused the Cannons' manager Ragmar Dorkins to collapse.

On 1 October the Chudley Cannons were in eleventh place in the League.[2]


25px Chudley Cannons
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Keeper Seeker
Unknown Galvin Gudgeon


Ragmar Dorkins (Manager)

Behind the scenesEdit

  • They are Ron Weasley's favourite team. The bedspread, walls, and ceiling of his room at the Burrow were all decorated in a "violent shade of orange", and posters of the team's players covered nearly every inch of the walls.
  • J. K. Rowling, when asked if the Chudley Cannons would ever win a game, replied that "they'd need to replace the entire team and down several cauldrons of Felix Felicis."
  • In the 8 February 1999 edition of the Daily Prophet, 'Chudley Cannon memorabilia - fan making "clean break"', is an advertisement in the 'For Sale' section.[2]


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