Clutterbuck Crispe
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Proprietrix of Brews and Stews

Clutterbuck Crispe was a witch[1] who owned the Brews and Stews hostel in Diagon Alley.[2]


  • "Clutterbuck" is an anglicised form of a Dutch surname, which arrived in England either with Flemish weavers King Edward III had come to England to teach their techniques to the English in the 14th century, or with Huguenots who fled the Netherlands in the 16th century to escape religious persecution.[3]
  • It may also derive from the Dutch klateren, "to clatter," and beek, "brook."[4] Dorothy Clutterbuck (1880-1951) was an English woman alleged to have been a leading member of an early Wiccan coven.
  • "Crispe" derives from Old English crisp, which comes from Latin crispus, meaning "curly-haired."[5]


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