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Cygnus Black (1928-1992) was a pure-blood wizard and member of the noble Black family. He was a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was Sorted into Slytherin.


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Cygnus was born in 1928, the youngest son of Pollux Black and Irma Crabbe and brother of Walburga and Alphard, who was later blasted off the family tapestry.

He married Druella Rosier, and the couple had three daughters: Bellatrix, the eldest, in 1951, Andromeda, the middle child, in 1953, and Narcissa Black, the youngest child, in 1955.[3] Andromeda was disowned for marrying a Muggle-born wizard, Ted Tonks. All the family but Sirius subsequently shunned her.[4] Through his disowned daughter and his youngest daughter, Cygnus is the grandfather of Nymphadora Tonks and Draco Malfoy, respectively, and is also the great-grandfather of Teddy Lupin and Scorpius Malfoy, respectively.

He died in 1992 at the age of 64.


Like many other members of the House of Black, Cygnus is named after a constellation. Cygnus is a northern constellation known as the Swan or the Northern Cross. It was named for several swans which appear in Greek mythology, including the one Zeus transformed into to seduce Leda, the form Orpheus took after his death, and a son of the god Apollo who was turned into a swan after his murder. The name is derived from the Greek κύκνος, kyknos, meaning "swan".

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Cygnus and his wife were likely in Slytherin house like the rest of the family.
  • Cygnus was named after his paternal grandfather. There was also Cygnus I, an early member of the House of Black.
  • If James Potter was the son of Dorea and Charlus Potter, Cygnus would be the first cousin of James.
  • If Cygnus was truly born in 1938, than he would've been considerably young when his eldest daughter Bellatrix was born in 1951; this means that, like his father, Cygnus had a child at 13. It's possible that both are errors, as J. K. Rowling stated that math isn't her strong suit, and the Black Family Tapestry has other similar errors.


Notes and referencesEdit

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