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"The girl will eat herself out of house and frame if she keeps on like this..."
Giffard Abbott's portrait[src]

Damara Dodderidge was a witch. Her portrait was hung in the Grand Staircase.



By 1991, she had a portrait hung in Hogwarts Castle's Grand Staircase.


By 1993, she had a portrait hung in Gryffindor Tower.


By 1995, she guarded a shortcut, leading from the Grand Staircase to the Clock Tower, she was seen frequently complaining about her hunger or tiredness. By then, her password was "Chops and Gravy".[1]


In the next school year, Damara's portrait was moved to another place in the Grand Staircase. Despite this move, she still guarded a passage to the Clock Tower, inaccessible to all, who had not got the new password: "Dashing Cadogan".[2]


On 2 May, 1998, the Battle of Hogwarts ensued. Damara appeared to have fled from her portrait.[3]

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"Ohhhh, I'm too hungry. If you could ask Giffard Abbott — he's the portrait at the bottom of the Grand Staircase — to send some food along, then maybe I could help. Nothing much, just some chops, and a leg of lamb, some chicken and beef and maybe some cakes as well. Not too much. I'm so hungry."
—Damara Dodderidge.[src]

Damara was known being always very hungry and tired. Many times she would ask fellow portrait Giffard Abbott for food.[1] Her portrait at Hogwarts Castle depicts her like so, but by 1996 she seemed to stop constantly daydreaming about food and complaining about her tiredness. She said to be hungry once at breakfast time, though. Also by this time, she seemed to have developed a crush on fellow portrait Sir Cadogan, calling him "dashing".[2]


Damara is the Celtic goddess of fertility.

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