Defence Against The Dark Arts staircase
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Defence Against the Dark Arts tower, Hogwarts Castle, Scotland, Great Britain

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One-Eyed Witch Passage


Hogwarts School

This staircase is one of the largest staircases in Hogwarts Castle. It is located in the Defence Against the Dark Arts tower starting on the ground floor and going to the top of the tower[1]. At the bottom is the One-Eyed Witch Passage, on the second floor is the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor's office, and on the third floor is the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom [2].



1994–1995 school yearEdit

After their first Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson in their fourth year, Harry Potter and his classmates walked back down this staircase. Then, Bartemius Crouch Jr. posing as their then-teacher Alastor Moody stopped Neville Longbottom and subsequently gave him the Magical Water Plants of the Mediterranean book which later helped Harry Potter to succeed in the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament[3].

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