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Emmeline Vance (died Summer 1996) was a member of the first and second Order of the Phoenix. She most likely fought in several battles of both wars, and was also a member of the Advance Guard that retrieved Harry Potter to 12 Grimmauld Place. She was killed by Death Eaters in mid-1996. She was considered a talented witch and her loss was a heavy blow to the Order.


First Wizarding WarEdit

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Emmeline served as a member of the first Order of the Phoenix and fought in the First Wizarding War. Unlike many others, Vance ultimately survived the war and lived well past the first fall of Lord Voldemort.

Second Wizarding WarEdit

When Lord Voldemort returned to power in 1995, Vance became a member of the reconstituted Order of the Phoenix. One of Vance's more important duties was to serve as a member of the Advance Guard that acted as protectors of Harry Potter after they extracted him from number four, Privet Drive and took him to the safety of the Order's headquarters.


Emmeline's service to the Order ended, however, when she was attacked and killed by Death Eaters near to the residence of the Muggle Prime Minister. Her loss was considered a heavy blow for the Order and her murder was publicised in Muggle newspapers. Severus Snape claimed to have given information to Voldemort that led to Vance's death, but considering he was a double agent, it is unknown whether this is true.


Order of the Phoenix membersEdit


The first Order of the Phoenix.

Emmeline Vance had a good relationship with most members of the Order of the Phoenix. She was also a member of the Advance Guard, a group of members of the Order that escorted Harry Potter to 12 Grimmauld Place. Many of the Order's members were saddened by her death. Harry Potter also mentioned her in a discussion with Dumbledore about life and death.

Behind the scenesEdit

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The name "Emmeline" comes from an Old French form of the Germanic name Amelina, originally a diminutive of Germanic names beginning with the element amal meaning "work". It was introduced to England by the Normans.


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