Frank Dillane
Biographical information

21 April, 1991



Current residence

East Sussex



Eye colour


Hair colour

Light Brown


5' 10"


Frank Delaney

Years active

1997 - present

In Harry Potter

Tom Riddle

Frank Dillane is the British actor who portrays the sixteen-year old Tom Marvolo Riddle in the film adaptations of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. He is the son of actors Stephen Dillane and Naomi Wirthner. [1]


Behind the scenesEdit

  • His favourite kind of biscuits are custard creams.
  • His favourite ice cream flavours are tiramisu and chocolate.
  • He has a lobe piercing in his left ear.
  • He has two small birthmarks in the middle of his left cheek.
  • His favourite sports are: basketball, boxing, climbing, football, golf, ice skating, martial arts, rollerskating, rugby, and snowboarding.
  • He can speak English, and some German.
  • He is of British and Caribbean origin.
  • His native accents/dialects Caribbean (Patois) and English.
File:Frank Dillane.jpg
  • He has a motorbike licence.
  • He has a younger brother named Seamus. (born 1998)
  • His favourite type of music is Rock and Alternative
  • He has naturally brown eyes, and wore blue coloured contacts for his role as Tom Riddle, in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
  • His fan site is
  • Aside from acting, he currently works at a pub in Brighton, England.
  • He graduated from Michael Hall School in East Sussex in June 2009.
  • Dillane is a smoker.
  • His father Stephen plays Stannis Baratheon in Game of Thrones, which features Harry Potter cast members Michelle Fairley, Ciaran Hinds, Natalia Tena, Julian Glover, David Bradley, Ralph Ineson, Bronson Webb, Edward Tudor-Pole and Ian Whyte.

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