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Appleby Arrows

Gregory Cotton was the Seeker for the Appleby Arrows.[1] During a match with the Pride of Portree, he collided with the opposing team's Seeker, Dougal McBride, while both were locked in a race to catch the Golden Snitch.[1][2][3] Cotton came out with the Snitch in his hand, but an altercation with McBride ensued, during which jinxes were illegally exchanged, and McBride transfigured Cotton's head into a cabbage.[1][3] McBride defended his actions to the referee, Josiah Plunkett, by claiming that Cotton had hit him with a Jelly-Fingers Curse during the race for the Snitch, and thus deserved to be "cabbaged."[2][4]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The name "Gregory" is the English form of Latin Gregorius, which was from the Late Greek name Γρηγοριος (Gregorios), derived from γρηγορος (gregoros) meaning "watchful, alert". This name was popular among early Christians, being borne by a number of important saints including Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus (3rd century), Saint Gregory of Nyssa (4th century), Saint Gregory of Nazianzus (4th century), and Saint Gregory of Tours (6th century). It was also borne by the 6th-century pope Saint Gregory I the Great, a reformer and Doctor of the Church, as well as 15 subsequent popes.

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