Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Complete Filmmaking Journey

Bob McCabe

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Harry Potter Film Wizardry

Harry Potter Page to Screen: The Filmmaking Journey is a book by Bob McCabe. It is a follow up to Harry Potter Film Wizardry, released on 25 October, 2011[1].

The book details the story of the film series, from the acquisition of the film rights to the casting of the main actors and the shooting at Leavesden Studios.

The book includes:

  • Detailed insight from Harry Potter creatives;
  • New interviews with cast and crew members;
  • Never-before-seen photographs and concept illustrations from all eight films sets;
  • An exclusive look at the costumes, special effects and filmmaking techniques;

The book is now available for order on Amazon.

A special edition of Harry Potter Page to Screen, bound in a cloth cover, will be included as part of the Harry Potter Limited Edition box set.

Table of ContentsEdit

Part I: The Making of Harry PotterEdit

Part II: The Art of Harry PotterEdit

  • Introduction
  • Characters: Costuming
  • Locations: Set Design
  • Creatures: Special Makeup and Digital Effects
  • Artefacts: Prop Making

Part III: EpilogueEdit

  • The Golden Boards
  • Acknowledgements and Colophon

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