Lumos Maxima

Lumos Maxima[1]
(LOO-mos MAX-i-muh[1])



Hand Movement
  1. Flick wand
  2. Draw wand back
  3. Flick again[2]



Produces bright light[1]

Lumos Maxima is the incantation to a charm that can be used to produce a blinding flash of bright white light from the tip of the wand[1]. This light can be thrown far off of the wand, illuminating the surrounding area for several minutes after its initial casting before darkening once more[3].

To cast it, one must flick their wand, then draw it back and flick it a second time, after which it will light, as noted in chapter thirty-two of Extreme Incantations by Violeta Stitch[1]. The spellbook also included a diagram depicting the proper casting of this spell[1].

At the end of the 1992-1993 school year, Professor Filius Flitwick assigned his second year Charms students this charm to practise in the summer before their third year[1]. He allowed them to use Extreme Incantations to learn it and to help them[1].



The incantation is derived from the incantation for its predecessor, "Lumos", and the Latin word "maxima", which means "very great" or "greatest".

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