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"I'm never stocking them again, never!"
—The manager.[src]

The manager of Flourish and Blotts was a much-tired wizard who took the brunt of teachers' selection of required textbooks for their classes that turned out to be somewhat exotic.



"Gentleman, please-please!"
—The manager on Lucius Malfoy and Arthur Weasley fighting.[src]

In 1992, he was first seen by Harry Potter on camera at Flourish and Blotts as he was trying to keep Gilderoy Lockhart's book signing under control.[1]


"Stop it! Stop it!"
—The manager on the The Monster Book of Monsters attacking each other.[src]

In 1993, he told Harry that he had once lost a lot of money on The Invisible Book of Invisibility. When the The Monster Book of Monsters became one books required by students at Hogwarts, he had to cope with the new additions to his booklist attacking both each other and him; the manager spent much of that summer vowing never to stock that book again. He also recommend Harry to not buy Death Omens: What to Do When You Know the Worst is Coming as it was enough to frighten anyone to death, and in general doesn't recommend reading books about death omens because one would start seeing them everywhere.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • As the owner of Flourish and Blotts, it is possible that his name is either Flourish or Blotts. However, knowing that his shop was established in 15th century, he might not be a indirect descendant of the founder.


Notes and referencesEdit

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