The Harry Potter Compendium

"The raven continued to open and close its sharp beak, but no sound came out."

The Silencing Charm (Silencio) is a charm that renders the victim temporarily mute, working on both beasts and beings[1]. It is immensely difficult to perform, more so on ravens than frogs[1].

Professor Filius Flitwick had his fifth year Charms students practice this spell at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and assigned it as homework to those who could not perform it competently in class[1].



The incantation "silencio" is Latin for "silence"[3]

Behind the scenes[]

  • If performed incorrectly, the target will swell up to an immense size and begin making deafening sounds[1].


Notes and references[]

Charms (class)
Wingardium leviosa
Professors: Filius Flitwick
Textbooks: The Standard Book of Spells · Achievements in Charming · Quintessence: A Quest
Charmbook writers and charm developers: Miranda Goshawk · Scarpin · Felix Summerbee · Randolph Keitch · Basil Horton · Mnemone Radford · Elliot Smethwyck · Jarleth Hobart
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